Professor Plumb LLC

Emergency Plumbing Service

24 hours a day!

Drain Cleaning(Jetting services available)

Drains (repairs & replacements)

Gas Service (Repair & Replace)

Water Lines (repairs & replacements)

Water Heaters(Tank & Tankless)

Garbage Disposals

Toilets (repairs & replacements)​

Faucets (Repairs & replacements)​

Residential Plumbing

No matter the issue. If your house has a leaky pipe or leaking water heater, from a clogged drain to the touch free faucet you've been after. We have services to fix, repair, or replace any problem you can throw our way. 

Taking the Mystery out of Plumbing

Here at Professor Plumb we understand what clues to look for. You will have a good understanding of the work required and a clear upfront cost, before the work has started.



Services List

  • Water line repair & replacement
  • Drain line repair & replacement
  •  Water Heaters Tank & Tankless
  • Slab Leaks
  • Leaking pipes
  • Faucet repair & replacement
  • Toilet repair & replacement
  • Gas piping
  • Drain cleaning

Sewer Lines

No one ever said plumbing would always be pretty. If you're having a problem with a city's sewer line, we have connections to help.

​​(972) 362-6485

Ask the Plumber

What causes a running faucet? How do I get the hair out of my sink's drain? We have answers to these and other pressing questions in our bi-weekly Ask the Plumber series.

Plumbing Basics

Sometimes having even a fundamental understanding of how your home's plumbing works can help you fix simple problems yourself. In this three-part series, get basic info that you can apply to your own home.